Contractors & Developers

All contractors performing repairs or maintenance to sewer laterals within our District boundaries must be licensed. Initial license costs are $20.00 and annual renewals are $10.00. Please complete the Application for Contractors License and remit payment.

No person shall construct or repair sewer mains or lines belonging to the District’s system or any sewer service pipes or building sewers within the District without first obtaining a license from the District and furnishing a valid certificate of insurance.

A property owner may install, construct or repair a sewer service line or building sewer on his own property without a license. However, all work done by the owner shall conform to the engineering requirements of the District and the Rules and Regulations of the District.

Anyone making repairs to a sewer service line, sewer service pipe or building sewer pipe must first obtain a permit from the District and pay all applicable inspection fees. Inspection fees can be paid by check, credit card or ACH. Inspection fees paid by check should be remitted to the District office. Credit card and ACH payments can be remitted through the District’s payment portal. To pay inspection fees electronically, please visit Inspection Fee Payment Portal.

48 hours prior to commencing any work on sewer service lines, sewer service pipes or building sewer pipes, the contractor or owner must first contact Colorado 811 by dialing 811 or 1-(800) 922-1987. You can also visit their website

Inspection Fee is $125.00, payable PRIOR to inspection.